Friday, January 25, 2013

New Archaeology Storage

New storage spaces have been found and are now housing most archaeological evidence that were in Yeaton-Walsh house.  The artifacts are in a much safer environment now.  The house is also relieved of the weight!

Alix Martin, our new archaeologist, has been moving the organization of the department right along.  Prior to working here, she worked at Colonial Williamsburg and has much experience in archaeology.  She is currently working towards her PhD.  It will be great to have her as Strawbery Banke's new Archaeologist!!

Chase basement is now cleaned up and full of Puddle Dock excavation findings.  There is a lot more storage space now and is a great area.  It is important to be able to preserve these artifacts in the way that they were discovered.  If they lose their structural integrity, they are no longer able to answer the questions we may have about their history.

More areas will be able to be used for storage soon.  Small and older shelving unsuitable for artifact storage is going to be removed in the coming year and be replaced by the metal shelving used in Goodwin basement as well as Chase basement. This will be one of our final steps in organizing the artifact collections. 

Look forward to updates on further activities at Strawbery Banke!!

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